Send a Little Love to Wild Animals and Pets because They are Spiritual Too

Send a Little Love to Wild Animals and Pets because They are Spiritual Too


Anyone who has a pet knows they can communicate on some level.

Dogs and cats have the ability to understand various commands and are able to display emotions. Have you ever seen those puppies eyes? Have you ever witnessed how they stand by the door waiting for you to get up and open the door so they go potty? All of that is part of communicating.

Rescue pets have an even greater attachment to their owners.

When I lived with my parents, I had two cats. Both of my cats are rescue animals and it’s clear they haven’t forgotten who picked them up from the street and took them home to a cozy bed!

Even now that I left that house, when I visit, both react to me like no one else in the household, and I feel a special bond with them that’s truly beyond words, which brings me to the theme of my blog post today – animals are spiritual, too!

I’m not a professional energy therapist, but a few years back I took reiki master and chakra balancing I and II. The course has three levels and without the third course I am not able to practice this at a professional level. In these courses I learned to work with  energy to channel healing, awareness, peace, joy and understanding to myself.

As many reiki practitioners know, whenever a healing is taking place, any pets they have naturally make their way into the healing room and will often lie down right under the massage table and remain in the room for some time following a client’s visit. This is because the animals feel the loving energy in the room and, of course, want to be a part of it.

The energy gives one a sense of calm and well-being (the kind of feeling you get when you go to the spa), and animals feel it, too.

There are actually people specialize on reiki for pets. I’ve done it myself to my dogs, specially when I see them displaying some sort of separation anxiety or during storms.

To my own amazement, almost immediately after a reiki session, they get up, walk around the house, grab a drink and, within a couple of hours, return to their normal energetic self.

Horses are beginning to be used for more than just riding and racing. Their therapeutic effect on people is being noted by many and there are healing sanctuaries popping up everywhere offering horse therapy.

Yes, animals are spiritual, too, and are capable of receiving and giving healing to their owners and masters, who more often than not begin referring to themselves as simply family members.

So the next time you come across a pet or an animal in the wild (including insects), remember they share the same energy field as you, and do your part by sending a little love their way.